About Low-Till


What is Low-Till?

Low-Till is a method that uses the princibles of Conservation Agriculture. This method is used to disturb the soil  less while plowing and harrowing.

This grants a permanent plant grow and a rotation of crops, where the change in different crops can reduce the pressure of infection and the problems with weeds, simultaneous with an increasement in the soil structure. 

Why Low-Till?

The content of organic substance in the soils are becomming so low, that is can effect the productiveness negatively.

The high amount of time and rescources used in the traditional cultivation, makes it harder for farmers to earn good money due to the disproportion in wage level and the international defined prices.

A solution to loss of soil fertility and wage, can be in the carbon preservative agricultural practices, like Low-Till which save time and energi to the exacting soil processings simultaneous with the increasement in the soil fertility.

This gives you savings in time and machinecosts, as Low-till can reach good results while using less pesticedes, money and time. All this come togehter gives the farmer a better profitability.

En bæredygtig kombination med økologi

If you combine ecology with the princibels from Low-Till,

we got the perfect solution for the food production of the


A solution, that spare the drinkringwater from pesticide, gives

a higher resource profit, minimize the clima influence and are

gentle to the biodiversity.

Low-Till devolops machines that makes ecology cultivation

with minimal soil processing possible.

Both for the consideration of the farmer, but for the consumers

need and in the consideration of the environment aswell.

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