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We aswer questions about everyting from cultivationssystems to machinedistributers with pleasure.

Jens Møller Sørensen


(+45) 31 55 99 16

 Jens Møller Sørensen is the owner and starter of Low-Till and distributor of Weaving machines.

He is running a property with ecology cultivation of plants after the methods of Lowtill, and in Poland he is Chief Executive Officer of an conventionally agriculture with 2000ha, in process of being adjusted to the methods of Low-Till.

Jens answer all questions about machines and the practice of Low-Till with pleasure.

Klaus Holt is employed as seller for Low-Till.

Klaus is the regular chauffør on the demomachines and Weaving machine seller.

er ansat som sælger hos Low-Till.

He has in his years built a big knowledge to machines through his own work

He asnwers all questions about machines and straws with pleasure.

Klaus Holt


(+45) 42 66 55 80


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