The sowingmachine Weaving GD Drill was launched in 2015 by Weaving Machinery, there has been in the marked with plough-free cultivation in more than 20 years.

GD Drill is developt in co-operation with the farmer Tony Gent from Lincolnshire and is made with the intension of sowing direcly into strong

subsequent crops.

The sowingmachine is a primary machine to use in the Conservation Agriculture system, as it comines the use og strong subsequent crops with No-Till(None soil preparation)

When the machine has done its work, the treatment of the soil is almost invisble.


At Low-Till we develop and distribute machines to the reduction of soil procession. We help you find the perfect solution, no matter what you are in the middle of reorganizing, if your cultivating Conservation Agriculture or if you want to try making a plough-free ecological environment.

Weaving GD Drill.

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